A quick word from the team

We want to help you discover and use your athletic potential - the potential to move freely, the potential to develop the strength, coordination and agility that reside within you. Your body is an incredibly adaptable collection of systems that – when functioning together – remains the relentlessly resilient organism it was meant to be. We invite you to move freely, train with intention, and live with purpose!

  • Are you looking for a coach to help you unlock your potential? Get ready to train intentionally and achieve new goals!

  • Looking for a coach to guide your team to new levels of performance? PG coaches analyze performance metrics and design programs to enhance your team's competitive edge.

  • Do you prefer to train on your own? Through email and video reports, PG coaches design and coach you through a personal program for your goals.


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Who can benefit from PerformanceGaines Training?

The PerformanceGaines coaching team works with you to develop a training program like no other. We take into account the multi-dimensional aspects of your life to design an individualized process that addresses your training goals alongside your lifestyle needs. This will promote longevity so that goals transform from peaks of fitness and into your new norm of living.